Sky lantern

This New Year, I let a Sky lantern fly next to the sandy beaches of Goa to the sound of fireworks.

A Sky lantern requires a few steps before it can fly.

  • You need to fix the burning camphor like substance to the base of the lamp.
    • One guy in front of me broke the burning disc and had to start again with another disc
  • You need to open up the lamp on all four sides so that the fire does not get to the sides of the lamp.
    • Another guy did not open the sides and they burnt the sides and he had to start again
  • You need to wait for the warm air to build up in the lamp
    • Another impatient guy could not wait for 2 minutes and let it fly only to have the lamp come down crashing and he had to start again

I watched all these guys and thought I had learnt all the ways to fail and managed to get that lamp ready!

But my lamp would not rise up.

A friend walked up to me and told me to give it a nudge upwards and let it fly.

I did just that and there the Sky lantern raised up and started flying.

Sometimes we are like Sky lanterns.

There are so many things that need to be right for us to fly.

But when all the conditions are right, you might need that little nudge to get flying.

Do you need a nudge to kick start your speaking journey and be a Sky lantern?

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