Impromptu Speaking

How many times have you been caught by surprise in a business meeting and have been asked to give your opinion?

How many times have you answered with no structure?

Here are three simple structures for Impromptu Speaking:

  • 1-2-3
  • Past, Present & Future
  • Good, Better & Best

Let us say you work for a chocolate company which is considering to explore “FAIRTRADE” for their products and they ask you for your opinion.

Structure “1-2-3”:

Firstly “fairtrade” is not something we need to consider but it needs to be ingrained in every product we sell.

Secondly “fairtrade” helps us ensure that we take care of our suppliers all the way to the cocoa picker.

Thirdly “fairtrade” gives us the opportunity to let our customers consume chocolate not only for the taste but everything that went in creating it

Structure “Past, Present & Future”:

In the past, we created chocolate by keeping our suppliers and their working conditions a secret.

In the present, our customers are willing to pay for a product which not only tastes good but also is good in the production process.

In the future, by subscribing to “fairtrade” we have the opportunity to be fairer to our suppliers and provide good value to our conscious customers.

Structure “Good, Better & Best”:

Good chocolate had good cocoa beans in them.

Better chocolate had better chocolatiers working with them.

Best chocolate is when “fairtrade” is added to the recipe.

Try out these structures next time you are called to speak Impromptu!

What is your favorite structure for Impromptu speaking?