5 years to learn Motivational Strategies

It took me 5 years from 2018 till 2023 to complete my Toastmasters learning path on “Motivational Strategies”.

I reflected on this path this week in my club and I shared my Personal and Toastmasters achievements in this time period.

The two personal achievements I shared were getting my blue belt in Brazilian Ju-Jitsu (2023) and running 5K with the Couch to 5K (2023) program.

The Toastmasters achievement I shared was winning the International Speech Contest in English at the district level in 2022 (District 95 – Germany, Norway, Sweden and Denmark).

I needed motivation at different points during these 5 years. I got it from my daughter, BJJ coaches (Laurien and Alex), BJJ sparring partners (Basti, Dimi, Norbert and others) and Toastmasters members.

Motivation is not an easy thing to have.

  • One needs strategies to have it.

Motivation is not an easy thing to keep.

  • One needs strategies to keep it.

Listen me out for around 12 minutes to hear what motivated me and what kept me motivated 🙂


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