Evaluate @ Agile Lean Munich

It was fun to be at the Agile Lean Munich this year (2023).

Last year, I did a session on Impromptu speaking with the Agilists in attending. This year I offered to share my ideas on listening and evaluating speeches or presentations.

We had a fun group of people who turned up and were ready to practice both impromptu speaking and evaluation!!

We did a bit of theory by asking questions

What was good with examples and what may be improved with suggestions to improve.

We had one participant talk about screen cleaners, one about vegan food in conferences, one about mindfulness.

The participants very quickly picked active listening and were able to find what was good with examples and what may be improved with suggestions.

If you are interested in a learn and practice program over 3 to 4 months or a one day training just have a look below and contact me for more:

Speaker Shine Series – Ranjith Venkatesh | Speaker Shine

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