Evaluate @ Agile Lean Munich

It was fun to be at the Agile Lean Munich this year (2023).

Last year, I did a session on Impromptu speaking with the Agilists in attending. This year I offered to share my ideas on listening and evaluating speeches or presentations.

We had a fun group of people who turned up and were ready to practice both impromptu speaking and evaluation!!

We did a bit of theory by asking questions

What was good with examples and what may be improved with suggestions to improve.

We had one participant talk about screen cleaners, one about vegan food in conferences, one about mindfulness.

The participants very quickly picked active listening and were able to find what was good with examples and what may be improved with suggestions.

If you are interested in a learn and practice program over 3 to 4 months or a one day training just have a look below and contact me for more:

Speaker Shine Series – Ranjith Venkatesh | Speaker Shine


What is in it for me? Amazon Prime

What is in it for me?

When I listen to a speech, I ask myself “What is in it for me?”

If I can answer the question when the speech starts, I stay to listen for more.

If I can answer the question half way through the speech, I stay till the end.

If I can answer the question after I have listened to the speech, I remember the speech.

On a different note, I wanted more memory for my photos on my mobile phone.

  • My Google Account was running out of space and wanted me to pay 2 Eur per month for 100 GB.
  • My Microsoft Account was running out of space and wanted me to pay 2 Eur per month for 100 GB.

However my Amazon account which already gave me free delivery on goods, Prime video and Prime music threw an extra value added service.

Members of Amazon Prime now have unlimited, full-resolution storage of photos.

Is this a value added service or a way to keep customers for good?

Anyway, “What is in it for me?” was answered by Amazon is an amazing way. I took the offer.

Are you amazing your listeners with “What is in it for them?”



Reference: Readability for technical writers – Readable, free readability test

Gunning Fog, Coleman Liau and Flesch–Kincaid are three names which are connected to readability levels of a piece of text.

I have always been interested to know how readable my speeches were and used to run them on platforms like Readable.

I then tweaked my speech to make it more readable. That’s right. READABLE.

At some point you realise, speeches are rarely read – they are listened to.

Is there a listenability level? I have not come across one yet. I think speeches are subjectively evaluated by an audience.

Here is my mini tool to help you with the readability of your text that you write to be read. Make no mistake, each Readability level has its own limitations but gives you a rough idea of how readable your text is for different levels of the target reader.


Toastmasters Timer

Timer for Toastmasters Speeches, Evaluations and Table Topics

Click here for the Toastmasters Timer

This is the first version of the Toastmasters Timer. Stay tuned on the above page for newer versions.

Thank you to Toastmaster Caleb Grove for his Toastmasters Timer. It helped me a lot with practicing for Table Topics, Evaluation and Speeches. Here is his Timer: Speech Timer for Toastmasters (


Climb & Slide

Galaxy Water Slide World (

I was in a Theme Park last weekend and experienced water slides in all their glory indoors and outdoors!

Each slide seemed to have two components – the Climb and the Slide.

The Climb

You could climb to the slide with a tube or a mat or just yourself. I found this initial step of getting a tube or mat itself interesting as it sets you up for the slide later.

You could watch a speech with a notebook or just yourself. I find that I approach a speech differently if I actively take notes or passively listen to it.

The climb itself is sometimes a long way and you need to wait in a queue to get to your chance for a slide. If the queue is long you might switch to another slide. If the slide is amazing, you will wait as long as it takes in the queue.

The body of a speech itself can be long or feel long. Sometimes we wait for messages in a speech to reach us. Sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t.

The Slide

Before the slide you could see the information about for what age is it appropriate, what medical conditions are to be kept in mind and even the weight of the person involved.

Before a message is crafted in a speech, we need to get into the shoes of the listener to see if we can provide a ride that they want to get onto. If the message is not crafted well, our listener will very easily be distracted and stray.

During the slide, the speed gets the adrenaline going and there is pure joy. If you do not like high speeds you might enjoy the blue slides. If you enjoy high speeds you might enjoy the black slides.

During the speech, the way we make our listeners feel can be joyful or hateful or much worse – indifferent.

After the slide, if it was fun – we want more. Sometimes more of the same slide or more of something different.

Likewise after a speech, we want to listen to the speaker again talking about the same thing or something different or we might want to listen to someone else

I went up and down many slides and felt great!

Can we take our speech listeners on many rhetoric slides and leave them feeling great?

Scribbles Workshop

1-2-3-4 Content

I had the opportunity to run a lunch talk for Amiga last month.

We spoke about a few things:

  • Why LinkedIn?
    • Did you know that 1 out of 8 professionals in Germany use LinkedIn?
  • Why Career Advancement?
    • Grow or become a linchpin (Check out Video on References)
  • Kinds of LinkedIn Posts
    • Focus on Image and Video based Posts (Check out posts using Images and Videos)
  • Creating Content
    • Idea–>Write–>Craft–>Share

How many of you have Ideas week in and week out but never take the time to put them down?

“Look at an Event from last week or month that stayed with you where you learnt something or helped someone”

Something of value to the reader can be created in even 280 words. Sit down and write atleast once a week

“Write down 280 to 500 words

PS: 280 words are allowed in a tweet”

Crafting a message with an image or video gets the attention of the reader who has multiple information sources

“Use unsplash or other license free websites to get an appropriate image or use own images

Use license free videos or your own videos”

Sharing the content of multiple platforms or atleast the platforms that your clients are active in is a good practice

“Share on LinkedIn as a Post

If you are on other social media channels you may reuse the crafted message”


  • EVENTS – amiga (I can recommend these Events for International professionals in Munich looking for opportunities)
  • Ranjith @ LinkedIn (Example posts using Images and Video)

Stand up

Stand up

The favourite toy of my daughter is “Miffy” the rabbit.

Miffy likes to draw and play with her friends.

My daughter loves to draw and play with her friends.

Did you have a special toy when you were growing up?

Contest chair, fellow Toastmasters and guests

I still remember that day in my primary school.

I was 6 years old and I was excited.

Excited, because it was the day we could take our favourite toy with us.

My favourite toy was “Steve” the monkey.

Steve had been part of me for many an adventure. In my imagination we had slept on roads, flown on airplanes and sailed on ships. Where this is an adventure, there is a villain!

The villain in this story was Big Sid. Big Sid was a bully. Not an ordinary bully, a toy stealing bully!

One day, Big Sid grabbed Steve. I pulled. He pulled. I let go. I did not want Steve to get hurt.

I was angry! Steve was my toy. I felt it was my duty to protect him.

How do I stand up to him? You see, Big Sid was two heads taller than me.

Nobody else in the school dared to stand up to Sid the Bully.

I mustered up some courage. I walked up to Big Sid, fear in my eyes, my teeth chattering and my legs shaking and squeaked “Please give Steve back to me”

Sid glared at me, looked at me like I was a fly and flicked me.

I flew and landed on my behind!

I did not know what to do.

Fast forward to the present.

My daughter who likes “Miffy” the rabbit also likes to fight. She attends a martial arts school for Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. We went to Chemnitz in the East of Germany for a contest.

My daughter and two of her white belt friends were in category A.

3 girls from a gym in Berlin turned up for category A.

These girls had braided hair and stared into space.

Friend 1 in Category A.

Braided hair girl wins the game with an arm bar in 45 seconds.

Friend 1 walks back with a visibly hurting arm.

Friend 2 in Category A.

Space staring girl wins the game with a rear naked choke.

Friend 2 walks back massaging her neck.

I look down at my daughter and her eyes are glazing. She does not want to fight. She does stand a chance against these braided and space staring fighters. I can see a teardrop forming in her eyes, rolling down her cheek and falling down.

My daughter’s coach walks up to her and holds her two hands and says the following.

  • It does not matter if the opponent is stronger.
  • It matters that you stand up to this opponent.

These words fire up my daughter and she walks up to the ring and faces her opponent.

My daughter in Category A!

The fight is over in 15 seconds with a triangle choke. My daughter walks back with a smile on her face. She lost the fight.

But on that day she stood up to her opponent and that has made all the difference.

Rewind to my primary school.

You remember Big Sid who had stolen my monkey Steve and also flicked me.

My music teacher Mr. Patrick had watched this exchange between me and Big Sid. He sat next to me and said

“In life, you and me. We face bullies. We face opponents who are stronger than us. But we can overcome the fear and stand up to them. He realized that I was too small to stand up by myself. So he added wisely – you can stand up with the help of your friends”

I looked up at Mr. Patrick and the realization dawned on me.

I asked a friend to help me. He knew how important Steve was to me. He convinced some friends and they gathered around me and stood up with me facing Big Sid.

And for the first time, I saw fear in the eyes of Big Sid.

Big Sid knew that the game was over and handed back Steve to me.

My daughter’s Jujitsu coach asked her to stand up to her opponent.

My music teacher Mr. Patrick asked me to stand up to my opponent with the help of my friends.

I encourage each and every one of you to

stand up for yourself

stand up for your friends

and stand up for those you love.


Is there a Gratwanderer in you?

View from Heimgarten to Herzogstand, Bavaria, Germany

A Gratwanderung is “Walking along mountain ridges”

I imagine walking along mountain ridges from movies.

  • Like in the Lord of the Rings when the group keeps walking from one mountain to another

I had been on simple treks with a few metres towards the end with ridges. Last weekend me and my sister were faced with a walk that would take 2 hours and 15 minutes one way with an elevation difference of 200m.

Both of us do not like heights

Both of us considered ourselves to be avid hikers and trekkers but not necessarily gratwanderers!

Here are a few things the German Alpine Organisation (DAV) recommends

  • Local weather conditions
    • 20-22 degrees Celsius
  • Elevation difference during the ascent and descent
    • Herzogstand 1731m
    • Heimgarten 1790m
  • Length and Timing for the tour
    • 2 hours 15 minutes for international tourists
    • 1 hour 30 minutes for local hikers
    • 1 hour for sporty hikers
  • Type of terrain
    • Walking along mountain ridges
    • DAV calls it BLACK
  • Huts to eat and drink
    • Heimgarten has a small hut heavy on sausages and pea soup for vegetarians

We decided to do it.

The first 10 minutes were difficult but after that our lungs got used to the new breathing and our legs to the new terrain.

When we arrived at Heimgarten we saw a guy wearing a pink bunny costume and singing Oktoberfest songs.

The beer was cold and the pea soup was just right to get us ready for the way back.

We took 2 hours on each way.

The way back felt easier because our lungs and legs knew what was in store.

When we came back to Herzogstand we added a BLACK rated hike as a feather on our caps.

We were proud of ourselves.

Are we walking blue and red rated hikes at work?

  • Is there a black rated hike that we are postponing or hiding from our teams?
  • Can we take it on with proper preparation and bit of courage?
  • Do we know the hikers and trekkers in the team waiting to become gratwanderers?

Is there a Gratwanderer in you?

Are you ready for your first or next BLACK hike?


1 + 1 = 3

I believe that 1 plus 1 can be 3 if the synergy of Evaluation is provided to a Speech.

I had the opportunity to evaluate a speech on Math for the District 95 (Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden) Evaluation contest finals.

We had 8 Speech Evaluators from clubs all around District 95 finding the good things with examples and things to improve with suggestions.

I hope our target speaker went home enriched with all the positive Evaluations.

I won the contest for the second time at the District Level and here is the video of my Evaluation:


Impromptu Speaking

How many times have you been caught by surprise in a business meeting and have been asked to give your opinion?

How many times have you answered with no structure?

Here are three simple structures for Impromptu Speaking:

  • 1-2-3
  • Past, Present & Future
  • Good, Better & Best

Let us say you work for a chocolate company which is considering to explore “FAIRTRADE” for their products and they ask you for your opinion.

Structure “1-2-3”:

Firstly “fairtrade” is not something we need to consider but it needs to be ingrained in every product we sell.

Secondly “fairtrade” helps us ensure that we take care of our suppliers all the way to the cocoa picker.

Thirdly “fairtrade” gives us the opportunity to let our customers consume chocolate not only for the taste but everything that went in creating it

Structure “Past, Present & Future”:

In the past, we created chocolate by keeping our suppliers and their working conditions a secret.

In the present, our customers are willing to pay for a product which not only tastes good but also is good in the production process.

In the future, by subscribing to “fairtrade” we have the opportunity to be fairer to our suppliers and provide good value to our conscious customers.

Structure “Good, Better & Best”:

Good chocolate had good cocoa beans in them.

Better chocolate had better chocolatiers working with them.

Best chocolate is when “fairtrade” is added to the recipe.

Try out these structures next time you are called to speak Impromptu!

What is your favorite structure for Impromptu speaking?