Toastmasters Events

What? How to be an engaging communicator

When? 22nd November, 2023

Where? Online

What? Evaluation workshop

When? 9th March, 2023

Where? Online

Club? Luleå Toastmasters | Luleå | Facebook

Link to video:

What? Speech making workshop

When? 6th February, 2023

Where? Online (EasySpeak Signup)

Club? Toastmaster Dresden – 1. Toastmaster Rhetorik-Club Dresden | seit 2011 (

What? Speech evaluation workshop

When? 10th September, 2022

Where? Online The Bridge Speakers Düsseldorf • Speech Evaluation Workshop – District 95 (

Photo by nappy:

What? Coaching and Mentoring

When? 23rd July, 2022

Where? Technische Hochschule, Ingolstadt, Germany

What? Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring

When? 25th May, 2022

Where? Isar Speak, Toastmasters Club, Munich, Germany