Toastmasters Events

What? Humour in Business (Insurance) presentations

When? 25th January, 2024

Where? Online

It was fun doing a session on Humour in Business (Insurance) presentations with the Allianz Toastmasters club in Munich presided by Darya Juric

It was nice to see how the members actively engaged in Storytelling, Q&A and Using charts to add humour to their business presentations.

What? How to be an engaging communicator

When? 22nd November, 2023

Where? Online

What? Evaluation workshop

When? 9th March, 2023

Where? Online

Club? Luleå Toastmasters | Luleå | Facebook

Link to video:

What? Speech making workshop

When? 6th February, 2023

Where? Online (EasySpeak Signup)

Club? Toastmaster Dresden – 1. Toastmaster Rhetorik-Club Dresden | seit 2011 (

What? Speech evaluation workshop

When? 10th September, 2022

Where? Online The Bridge Speakers Düsseldorf • Speech Evaluation Workshop – District 95 (

Photo by nappy:

What? Coaching and Mentoring

When? 23rd July, 2022

Where? Technische Hochschule, Ingolstadt, Germany

What? Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring

When? 25th May, 2022

Where? Isar Speak, Toastmasters Club, Munich, Germany