• Readability


    Gunning Fog, Coleman Liau and Flesch–Kincaid are three names which are connected to readability levels of a piece of text. I have always been interested to know how readable my speeches were and used to run them on platforms like Readable. I then tweaked my speech to make it more readable. That’s right. READABLE. At […]

  • Toastmasters Timer

    Timer for Toastmasters Speeches, Evaluations and Table Topics Click here for the Toastmasters Timer This is the first version of the Toastmasters Timer. Stay tuned on the above page for newer versions. Thank you to Toastmaster Caleb Grove for his Toastmasters Timer. It helped me a lot with practicing for Table Topics, Evaluation and Speeches. […]

  • Climb & Slide

    I was in a Theme Park last weekend and experienced water slides in all their glory indoors and outdoors! Each slide seemed to have two components – the Climb and the Slide. The Climb You could climb to the slide with a tube or a mat or just yourself. I found this initial step of […]