• Is there a Gratwanderer in you?

    A Gratwanderung is “Walking along mountain ridges” I imagine walking along mountain ridges from movies. Like in the Lord of the Rings when the group keeps walking from one mountain to another I had been on simple treks with a few metres towards the end with ridges. Last weekend me and my sister were faced […]

  • 1 + 1 = 3

    I believe that 1 plus 1 can be 3 if the synergy of Evaluation is provided to a Speech. I had the opportunity to evaluate a speech on Math for the District 95 (Germany, Denmark, Norway and Sweden) Evaluation contest finals. We had 8 Speech Evaluators from clubs all around District 95 finding the good […]

  • Impromptu Speaking

    How many times have you been caught by surprise in a business meeting and have been asked to give your opinion? How many times have you answered with no structure? Here are three simple structures for Impromptu Speaking: 1-2-3 Past, Present & Future Good, Better & Best Let us say you work for a chocolate […]